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For more than 100 years, the waterfront community of Sea Gate, Brooklyn has had a front row seat to the New York Harbor where cruise ships, sail boats and the occasional mermaid routinely pass by.
Sea Gate, once known as Norton’s Point, was originally incorporated in 1899. A private, gated community adjoining Brooklyn’s bustling Coney Island boardwalk, Sea Gate was a summer retreat for families like the Morgans, Dodges and Vanderbuilts. Boasting the Atlantic Yacht Club from 1898 until it burned down in 1933, Sea Gate was an ideal location to spend a peaceful, breezy summer.
Currently, with about 8,000 full-time residents, Sea Gate is filled with gilded-age mansions designed by Stanford White, mid-size, sleek condos, and everything in-between.
Sea Gate


The Sea Gate Community has a wonderfully restored private beach, thanks to the USACE and DEC who built T-Groins and replenished some of the sand lost in Sandy and over the years. The T-Groins will mitigate the loss of sand and protect the Community residences and surrounding areas from excessive damage from wave surges in the future. The Sea Gate Community also hopes to have all of its bulkheads restored by winter 2017 to bring additional mitigation.
This, resident-only, beach is open year-round but will require a beach pass from Memorial Day through Labor Day.
Swimming is only permitted when a lifeguard is present during the Summer Season.
Sea Gate


While the year-round private beach is the main attraction, the Sea Gate Community offers two resident-only Playgrounds and a dog park.
The David Sevush Playground, dedicated to David Sevush, Board Member and contributor to the Sea Gate Community Baseball League and youth activity programs, is located within the Parking Lot between Surf and Mermaid Avenues. Norma Sevush, David’s wife, was the Community Manager for almost a decade. This playground boasts a jungle gym space for smaller children, a swing set, a work out space, and a fenced area with a gazebo where the children of Sea Gate can learn to ride a bike or scooter, play ball, draw with chalk on a small scale. The playground also offers a basketball court for the older Sea Gate Resident children. We ask that everyone be respectful, take turns and be safe.

The Lindy Park Playground, located at the dead end of Beach 50th Street, was donated to the Sea Gate Community on October 10th, 2016 by KaBoom!, ABC and Disney. KaBoom! And the Sea Gate Community volunteers took time out of their weeks and days to help restore to the children of Sea Gate the playground that was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. The Sea Gate Community is forever grateful to the efforts of KaBoom! and BarBara Garofalo, the Vice President of the Board of Directors at the time, for their hardwork and dedication to the powers of play. The Lindy Park Playground boasts a ship-themed climbing and slide area for the older children and a train themed slide or the littler ones. There is also a swing set, picnic area, and covered benches to enjoy the views of the Verazzano.

Sea Gate

Parking and Entrances

Resident-ONLY Overnight Street Parking
While residents are free to have their guests come and go, overnight parking is restricted to those with Parking Sticker Permits. Parking Stickers Permits are available to Homeowners, their immediate family members, and tenants. If a guest is going to be staying overnight, a guest pass must be obtained at the Sea Gate Police Precinct located in the Chapel at the Surf Avenue Entrance.
Parking Stickers expire every September 30th, but may be purchased year-round at prorated amounts.

Renewals are held every September following Labor Day. Please see schedule for your Streets week. This will provide you will shortened wait times.
In order to obtain or renew your Annual Parking Sticker, you will need to have:
– the vehicle present

– the vehicle registration and/or insurance *this should be registered to the resident wishing to obtain the Parking Sticker. If this is not the case, please call the Office at (718)449-4700 for details.

– valid driver’s license

– If you are a tenant, you MUST have a copy or your lease or letter from the Homeowner.

The Sea Gate Community can be accessed by Residents at both the Neptune Avenue and Surf Avenue Entrances. Guests must enter and check in at the Surf Avenue Entrance Visitors Lane.
If a resident is expecting a delivery which will require entry at the Neptune Avenue Gate due to the truck/container being oversized, the resident must notify the Main Office at (718)449-4700.
Buses are ONLY permitted to enter Sea Gate to either pickup or drop-off Resident children. If a homeowner wishes to authorize the use of their property to a group that will be entering via a bus, they must provide written notification to the Office prior to the scheduled visit.
***Playgrounds and the beach are primarily for residents only. Bused in guests are asked to please refrain from use of both if the party in question is excessive. Our Police and Lifeguard Staff cannot accommodate such large crowds. Large crowds generally require permits which are not permitted within the Sea Gate Community***
Pedestrians: Each resident will be issued a Pedestrian Access Key for the turnstiles located at Neptune Avenue and Surf Avenue Entrances, provided they present necessary documents to the Office. *Call for questions (718)449-4700. If you require the use of the handicap door, for disability, stroller or bike, you will need to present your valid Sea Gate Pedestrian Access Key to the Officer on duty and they will open the door for you. Do NOT attempt to use your Access Key. This will result in your key not working for a period of time. Do NOT attempt to pass your Access Key back to a guest, this will result in your key not working for period of time. Guests MUST enter ONLY at the Surf Avenue entrance.

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